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Switch To Natural Protein Source For The Poultry Animals With Enriched Poultry Meals

Posted by Admin on August, 31, 2020

While turning to domestic animals rearing on a business scale, you need to take care of their diet in a proper way. Poultry meal is one of the products that are used to keep them healthy and productive in Saudi Arabia. It is a natural source of protein and minerals, comprising calcium as well as phosphorus, used as ingredients in animal feed for
• Pet food,
• Swine,
• Birds,
• Fish and
• Other non-ruminant species

The meal is used as a natural protein source for aqua feed, pet food, and fur feed.

How is poultry meal manufactured?
Poultry meal is a natural protein obtained from animals. It is produced from fresh poultry by-products from slaughterhouses. The raw material is taken from slaughterhouses and then 100% poultry processing is done at a plant. Wholesale Poultry meal supplier in Riyadh takes well care of the quality. Their poultry meal is free from any additive that improves your natural protein.

It produced from category 3 poultry extras. The origin of this is from birds that have been slaughtered for human consumption but becomes waste after not being used completely.

Poultry meal is produced carefully by heating and drying the poultry extras.

Nutritional Content in Poultry meal
Some poultry by-products have
• Very high protein content in the 75-90% range
• Relatively low contents of ash (less than 10%), and
• Fat (less than 15%)

This help makes high-quality poultry meal. Contact poultry meal exporters in Riyadh, to get high-quality products.

While other poultry spin-offs become lesser quality with
• Protein content in the 55-75% range
• Higher amounts of ash (up to 15%) and
• Fat (more than 15% and up to 30%)

Hence, it is advised to check the nutritional content of the product before buying from the credible wholesale poultry meal suppliers. Higher is the protein, better is the quality.

How much ash content is considered apt?
The ash content in poultry food usually ranges between 5 and 8 percent, but it can go as high as 14 percent in dry foods. Canned foods generally have about half that amount. While it is important that animals receive adequate levels of minerals for optimum health, some parts of the ash content, particularly magnesium, may contribute to urinary crystals in susceptible poultry animals.

Environmental impact
Manufacturing poultry waste into a meal is a good way to lessen the environmental problems caused the waste. If not properly managed poultry wastes released in the environment may result in water contamination being a source of insects, vermin, bacteria, and viruses. It can cause air pollution with noxious gases and irritating odorants.

Low risk and high-risk material
Poultry meals obtained from healthy fowl are classified as low-risk material.
On the contrary, poultry meal originating from birds died of ailing can be characterized as high-risk material.
There are many reputed and certified suppliers. If you need this good quality feed for domestic animals in bulk, then contact a wholesale poultry meal supplier in Saudi Arabia.

They provide
• High quality
• Safe and hygienic packaging
• Value to the worth
• Safe and timely delivery

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