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Use High Ash Poultry Meal For The Ultimate Benefits

Posted by Admin on August, 29, 2019

Poultry meal includes a considerable amount of great quality protein and fat which is an inseparable part of animal diet. Poultry meal is known to contain high protein contents for the animals and the range may go from 5-40% (which is normally found in poultry meals) up to 85% (protein-enriched poultry meals). Similarly, poultry meals can contain around 30% of dietary fat contents. Hence, the composition of protein and fat contents can be altered to balance the nutritional value in the range offered by the poultry meal soft suppliers in Riyadh. The method of production of poultry meals is a formidable task which required the stabilization of the raw materials found with microbial deterioration.

Poultry meal: Definition

During 1940-50, the convenience of fresh and rendered poultry goods matched the industrialization and commercialization of poultry production. ‘Poultry protein meal’ has started to be used as a collective term for both poultry meals prepared with turkey, chicken, and various other poultry origins, and poultry by-product meal.

Poultry meal is known as the dry and extracted product prepared from a balanced combo of cleaned skin and flesh. It may also include bones extracted from any part of the total skeleton of the poultry. And, along with these, heads, feathers, entrails, and feet are often also included to enhance the protein and dietary fat contents in the final poultry meal. The complete meal structure is designed as animal food.

A multiple-range of poultry meal soft suppliers in Saudi Arabia containing ash, which is considered as one of the major components of animal food.

What is Ash?

You must have noticed the ash contents mentioned on the packaging of your pet foods which carries the significance of inorganic material present after the organic materials get burnt up. It signifies the number of inorganic minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and other several other essential ones.

Ash is a very common and convenient form of a by-product of fire. After consumption, it is liable to burn everything including calories. It leaves the minerals and a definite quantity of vitamin residue. According to the rules of FDA, animal foods need to pass the tests to determine if it really includes the desirable amounts of carbohydrate, protein, and fat, and the test process includes burning every organic element at separate temperatures. Whatever is remained after the test is done is collectively called ash.

Why ash is required in pet foods?

Check for any packaged high-quality dry poultry meal soft provided by the supplier and exporter concerns, all of them include ash. As the word sounds like, ash is not a dirty word in the industry of animal food! Your pet needs several essential minerals to remain healthy and ash signifies the quantity for minerals need to remain present in the food.

Normally all dry pet foods include ash (normally around 8%), while the wet pet foods may occasionally have (normally around 2%). Remember ash content is necessary for animal food, but extra ash can become dangerous too. This is why any poultry meal soft exporter from Riyadh is known to supply high-quality animal food with a proper balance of ash content.

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